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Pre Paid Store Cards!


Pre Paid Store Cards

  • $25/$50/$75/$100 Custom Price Store Card
  • Instant Cash Back System
  • Gift a Friend
  • Top-Up a Friend
  • Multi-Top-Up to One (Happy Birthday)
  • Easy & Secure Staff Redemption
  • Tiered Rewards
  • Advanced Analytics
  • GoeFencing
  • Unlimited Push Notificiations
  • Device Detection – GDPR Complient
  • Easy Deployment & Updates
  • Our System Grows with You

Why Your Business Needs a Store Card!

Instantly Grow Subscribers

When someone interacts with your Store Card they are automatically subscribed to your list.


People Prefer Text Messaging

USA users prefer texting over talking. Prefered mobile communication metholds: Texting – 50%, Talking – 37%


Automate Your Customer Service.

Automatically respond to customer questions.


Messenger Reaches All Income Levels

75% to 69% of all income levels use Messenger it is one of the most used apps on the planet.

2.23 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook has over 1.47 Billion daily active users.

1.15 Billion Mobile Daily Active Users

That’s a 23% increase year to year in Mobile Daily Active Users

Automatically Recover Abandoned Carts

Send a message to customers who abandoned a cart to re engage.

50 – 80% Better Open Rates then Email

Doing Email Marketing? Seeing your open rates plummet, you’re not alone. 

Automated Response

Customers want answers NOW!  Always be there for your customers and prospects!

Engagement Improves Loyalty

Build raving fans and increase the number or positive reviews by staying connected.

Over 2 Billion Messages are sent Monthly

Between people and businesses 

Broadcast Messages to Subscribers

You can broadcast messages to subscribers.

What are you waiting for?

Connect with your customers!