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Here is a Summary of the agreement. 

SMS Sponsored – Website SEO, Reputation Management & Facebook Ads

This Service Package includes a $1,500.00 Onboarding and Phase I implementation fee for the creation of a Facebook Lead Generation Advertising Campaign and Website, SEO and Reputation Management. After the first 30 Days the Client agrees to pay a $500.00 monthly fee for Phase II implementation and continued maintenance of the Facebook Lead Generation Advertising Campaign and the Website SEO and Reputation Management services for the next two months.

Facebook Lead Generation

  • Enhance Current Facebook Page
  • Open Facebook Business Account
  • Install Facebook Pixel (tracking code) and App
  • Configure Facebook Ad Campaign 
  • Design two Facebook Ad Sets
  • Build Facebook Ad Budgets for Client Approval
  • Execute Campaign

Website, SEO, Reputation Management

  • Website Optimization 
  • Google Indexing – Determine why website is not indexed
  • Build Target Keyword list 
  • Set up Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Set up Google My Business
  • Build a Website Retargeting campaign
  • Build a Reputation Management Strategy
  • Build a Social Media Strategy


Total Duration of this agreement is for three months.

Month 1 – $1,500.00 – Onboarding and Phase I

Month 2 – $500.00 – Phase II

Month 3 – $500.00 – Phase II

Upon the completion of this three month agreement, the monthly maintenance fee of $500.00 shall be transferred to the Agency Client the work is being performed for.

These fees DO NOT include any paid advertising on Facebook, Google or any other media service.