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Direct Sales / Network Marketing Bot

Start Winning!

Stop competing and



AI/Artificial Intelligence

Automate Your Lead Generation!

  • WIN More Customers
  • Increase Marketing ROI
  • Instantly Connect with Customers
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Answer Questions
  • Respond to Facebook Comment
  • Build Subscribers


Facebook Messenger Bots

A Consistent Stream of NEW LEADS are the LIFE BLOOD of your Business!

Are You Busy Enough?

Which Calendar Do You Want?

Our Lead Generation System uses Bot Technology to grow you list and fill your Calendar!

Running To Keep Up With Leads

Are you running to keep up with all the people that want to do business with you?

Looking for Leads to Talk To?

Are you constantly looking for more leads? We can fix that problem!

Stop Hunting for Leads & Start Closing More Sales!

Messenger Bots are autonomous digital messages that can answer questions, provide automated responses and be programmed with simple AI, artificial intelligence. Bots help automate your lead generation process by engaging more visitors to your Facebook Fan Page and your website.

Messenger Bots

  • Work on any mobile device – phone – tablet – laptop – desktop.
  • Can be installed on your Facebook Fan Page & Your Website.
  • Increase Engagement by instantly answering requests and questions.
  • Can be customized with your Logo, Photo and even short video.
  • Builds your marketing list on autopilot.

Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Bot!

Instantly Grow Subscribers

When someone interacts with your Bot they are automatically subscribed to your list.


People Prefer Text Messaging

US users prefer texting over talking. Prefered mobile communication metholds: Texting – 50%, Talking – 37%


Automate Your Customer Service.

Automatically respond to customer questions.


Messenger Reaches All Income Levels

75% to 69% of all income levels use Messenger

2.23 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook has over 1.47 Billion daily active users.

1.15 Billion Mobile Daily Active Users

That’s a 23% increase year to year in Mobile Daily Active Users

Automatically Recover Abandoned Carts

Send a message to customers who abandoned a cart to re engage.

50 – 80% Better Open Rates then Email

Doing Email Marketing? Seeing your open rates plummet, you’re not alone. 

Automated Response

Customers want answers NOW!  Always be there for your customers and prospects!

Engagement Improves Loyalty

Build raving fans and increase the number or positive reviews by staying connected.

Over 2 Billion Messages are sent Monthly

Between people and businesses 

Broadcast Messages to Subscribers

You can broadcast messages to subscribers.

Inc. Magazine – Why You Need to Add Facebook Messenger to Your List of Marketing Tools!

1. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users.
2. Messenger adds 100 million new users every five to six months.
3. Users have 7 billion conversations on Messenger every day.
4. 260 million new conversations are started daily.
5. There were 17 billion realtime video chats on Messenger in 2017.
6. Messenger users shared 500 billion emojis in 2017.
7. 18 billion GIFs were shared via Messenger this year.
8. There are over 100,000 bots on the Messenger platform.
9. Over 2 billion messages are sent each month between people and businesses.
10. 2.5 million Messenger groups are started every day.
11. The average Messenger group has 10 people.
12. 11 billion reactions were shared in Messenger this year.

Bots Make You Money & Customers Love Them!


drop in customer conversion rate if you take longer than 10 minutes to get back to them.


better open rates than Email. People open messages in Messenger!


of mobile users use Facebook Messenger regularly.

How Facebook Messenger Bots Work

We Customize Your Bot!


  • We can customize your user bot experience, include your logo, photos and even a short video.
  • Once installed on your Facebook Fan Page, and Website when someone interacts with your Bot, they get a response instantly!  No more waiting for you to get free to message them back!
  • Answer your top three most asked question from customers so they don’t ever wait for an easy answer.
  • Build your marketing list on autopilot. When a user connects they are automatically subscribed to your list.
  • Send Messages to your list to stay engaged with them about your products or services.
  • Send Broadcasts to subscribers.
  • Send Promotions and Specials to your subscribers.
  • Jump from Bot chat to Live Chat to give special attention to to those hot clients!
  • Run a Contest
  • Give a Quiz
  • Register them for a Webinar
  • And Much Much More!

What are you waiting for?

Connect with your customers!

Facebook Messenger Bot Sample Flow

Direct Sales Messenger Bot Flow

When a customer or potential customer first enters your Messenger Bot this is what they see!

The Rest of the Opening Screen.

They are presented with several questions. Each question interacts with the customer differently.

Learn More About The Business

I’m Interested in Working From Home

I’d Like to Make Enough to Quit My Job

Direct Sales Bot Learn More About...

Once they see more information about you, we ask if they would like to answer a few questions and schedule a call.

About Us Rest of the Page

This is the rest of the About Us Page. This is where we ask them if we can set up a call. 

I Want To Work From Home

This page asks a question to help qualify the client. What amount of monthly income are you working toward that would make a difference in your financial goals right now? 

They bot waits for an answer then asks,

How much time do you have per week to invest in your business? 

Less than 10 hours

More than 10 hours

Less Than 10 Hours

The bot tells the user that is Terrific! That their business should fit right in. When they started they too had less than 10 hours per week to work on the business and it they were still able to grow.

Less then 10 Hours to Work Continued

The bot then asks the client for their best email address so they can contact them with more information. 

Less than 10 Hours to Work Final Screen

After the bot collects their best email the bot tells them that a human will be in touch with them soon or they can type “Live Chat” into Messenger and talk to a human right away. 

More than 10 Hours to Work

The bot tells the client that they can start hitting their goals in no time. 

What are you waiting for?

Connect with your customers!